Got Student Loans? You’re Not Alone

“Back in my day”…is not something you want to hear when you need to talk about student loan debt. On a lot of other issues you can get great free advice from wise family members. Like, how to turn off that red light on your car’s dashboard, how to take care of a dripping faucet, […]

Inter-Generational Gifting: Strings or No Strings?

My brother and I are having a disagreement. We’re both grown adults with grown children, so our disagreements look like discussions with the occasional pointed jab that recalls old childhood tensions. This disagreement started when the three of us – me, my brother, and our mom – were sitting around after dinner a few weeks […]

Kids These Days

Financial planning clients tend to fit a specific demographic – they’re usually retired or approaching retirement or thinking about financial independence. A few younger people (and I mean those in their 30s and 40s) might want a financial planner to help them make decisions about company stock, the sale of a business, or proceeds from […]

Your Financial To-Do List

I was preparing for a last-minute holiday get-together—making pasta salad, arranging cookies, setting the table—when I heard a beep. A minute or so later, I heard another beep. I stopped what I was doing to change the battery in the kitchen smoke detector. A minute or so later, there was another beep. Apparently, that was […]