Who’s the best planner for me?

We’re happy to match you with a planner based on your needs, interests, and schedule. You can also read about Arrivity planners on the Meet Our Team page. Let your client relations specialist know if you feel a particular planner would make a good match and we’ll get you on their schedule.

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What is the financial planning process?

Financial planning is a multi-step process that starts with an in-depth review of your current financial situation, and results in a customized plan that shows you how to achieve your goals and objectives. The process follows these seven steps:

  1. Data gathering
  2. Identifying goals
  3. Analyzing alternate paths of action
  4. Developing financial plan recommendations
  5. Presenting recommendations
  6. Implementing recommendations
  7. Monitoring progress and updating the plan
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What’s your investment philosophy?

We’re strong advocates of asset allocation and setting the percentage of different assets such as stocks and bonds within a portfolio. Your allocation strategy will be determined based on your specific goals and risk tolerance. The right asset allocation enables you to keep costs low by buying and holding investments. This limits high levels of trading. We don’t recommend buying and selling in response to or in anticipation of market movements. Rather, we help you establish a diversified portfolio with regular re-balancing with the goal of taking advantage of long-term market trends.

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How do you select investments?

Our investment approach involves identifying both your short and long-term goals and recommending investments appropriate for each. While we typically prefer using low-cost index funds, sometimes our investment recommendations include actively managed mutual funds when these funds are the only alternatives offered by a client’s retirement plan. We diversify portfolios globally in an effort to control the risk associated with traditional markets.

Your investment strategy is custom designed based on a number of factors including risk tolerance and your age. With your financial plan you’ll receive Investing Guidelines or an Investment Policy Statement.

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