Our Approach

Financial planning for you – and the road ahead

They say life’s a journey – but you don’t have to go it alone. We’ll be your financial guide, helping you navigate your cash flow and investments so you stay on track to accomplish your goals. Having a better understanding of your financial situation – and opportunities – gives you that secure feeling about the future and confidence to make big decisions.

Your personal financial planner

At Arrivity, you’ll work closely with your personal financial planner who’s fully committed to giving you tailored advice to help you reach your goals. Your personal planner is also backed by the entire Arrivity team, so if a unique situation arises, there are other experts on hand to consult with.

A different kind of financial plan

Our approach is personalized and flexible, and it’s all about you. Our only interest in your money is helping you save, protect, and grow it. We’re not beholden to any investment funds or insurance companies, and we don’t earn commissions. As your fiduciary, the plan we create is based 100% on your financial needs and interests.

Pay for what you get

The fees you pay are for the time it takes us to prepare your financial plan and review it with you. You get the same quality of planning regardless of your financial situation. When you return to us for reviews or updates, you only pay for the service we provide.

Planning for everyone

We don’t think it makes sense to wait until you’ve accumulated a lot of wealth to make a financial plan. In fact, your financial plan can help you achieve your goals sooner. You may be at the beginning of your career, making big decisions as a family, planning for retirement, or managing financial independence – wherever you are on life’s journey, a financial plan helps you navigate the way.