Getting started is actually quite simple – give us a call.

  • Step 1: Call or email us today to schedule your free appointment with one of our planners.
  • Step 2: Since we are talking about your entire financial life, there is a bit of homework involved. Before your initial meeting with the planner, you’ll need to complete our Confidential Questionnaire, a Risk Tolerance Assessment, and compile the statements, policies, tax returns, etc. requested on our Document Checklist.
  • Step 3: Meet with your financial planner. This complimentary meeting will provide you an opportunity to talk about the goals you want to achieve. By the end of the meeting, your planner will provide a cost estimate for the development of your financial plan.
  • Step 4: Your planner will get to work! Analyzing all the pieces of data you provide, your planner will utilize their expertise and knowledge about how all the parts work (social security, college funding, home loans, pension plans, and so many more), lined up with your personal goals to form an overall approach.
  • Step 5: Meet again with your planner – who is now an expert on your true financial situation. You will be provided a detailed, written document that addresses the objectives that were defined in your initial meeting. This is a working plan that you will take with you and refer to again and again. At this meeting, your planner will answer all your questions about the recommendations and their implementation, and the time needed for this meeting (generally 2- 3 hours) is always included in the original estimate.

Benefits of a financial plan

  • Saving and investing for the future
  • Sending children or grandchildren to college
  • Purchasing a home
  • Determining when you can retire
  • Getting a second opinion on your investments or portfolio design
  • Preserving your estate
  • Understanding your insurance needs and mitigate risk
  • Paying down your mortgage or reducing credit card debt
  • Creating peace of mind through proper planning

Future Meetings

Once you have started with us, you can return to us as often or as seldom as you prefer. Many of our clients like to return to us on an annual basis to review their investments and make adjustments to account for evolving life events. Tracking progress towards goals, updating cash flow, reviewing current financial assets, and rebalancing your portfolio are some of the agenda items of the annual review.